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A walk along these evocative places it will fulfill your senses.

In the Real Place of the Granja de San Ildefonso we will be able to admire the real rooms where Felipe V and Elizabeth de Farnesio lived, the Museum of Carpets with some of the most important collections of National heritage, as well as the Gallery of Statues, without forgetting its monumental fountains. 
Also in la Granja de S. Ildefonso we find the Foundation National Center of the Glass where there were made the glazing, mirrors and lamps that decorate the most magnificent Spanish palaces.

Royal Places and Segovia

With the arrival to Spain, after the war of Succession, of the dynasty of Bourbon, this small town, placed only 11 kilometers of the capital, turned into the favorite place of rest of the new king, Felipe V and its second wife, Elizabeth de Farnesio. In the course of time and due to diverse historical events it happened to turn not only instead of rest but in the Court of this new Royal Family, there being extended not only the Palace but also other constructions as the House of Offices, of Checkers and other royal buildings. 
During the reign of Carlos III the surroundings of the Palace were urbanized, turning out to be then the perimeter that at present occupies this airy baroque Palace. 

The Palace of the Farm, which served as summer residence for Bourbon up to the times of Elizabeth II is surrounded by a few most beautiful gardens adorned by a few magnificent ornamental sources who remind us to all, as to nostalgic Felipe V, the spaces of the baroque palaces of Versailles and Marly. 

A walk along the gardens contemplating the variety of flora and the baroque adornments, as well as the water games that still today keep on celebrating take us to the times of splendor of that newly arrived person dynasty. 

A walk along these evocative places it will fulfill your senses. 


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