One of the provinces with major number of towns of Spain and also with major number of villages -many of them considered to be the most beautiful of Spain. 
Sepúlveda, the city of seven keys, the one of the Ancient Laws, that of “Santos Toros”, the one of the Romanesque churches, the one of the natural Park of river Duratón and of course, the one of the roast sucking lamb. 
Hometown of toreadors, painters, writers. . . scenery, history, gastronomy. . . 
Pedraza de la Sierra, the most beautiful town of Spain, with its narrow and cobbled streets, its houses, perfectly restored showing proud its escutcheons and nobiliary shields that resemble the prosperous years of the Cattle-breeders' guild to us; its castle of the Condestabels of Castile, re-used by the family of artists Zuloaga to install its workshop and museum; Unforgottable are its concerts of the Torchs. Chosen by many famous personages to rest. 
Cuéllar, Mudejar, famous city for its Romanesque churches of red brick, its Castle, in the highest, sovereign of the sea of pine groves... 
Turégano, brave Castilian people, watched from its ancient Castle, constructed by Arias Dávila on a church; and its powerful Main Square, with more than hundred columns... 
And Riaza, Ayllón, in the limits of the province... 

and Villacastín, city of convents... 
...And the red and black villages. 
And each of the small towns and villages constructed around the churches whose  bell towers remind its proud past  and show us its promising future...


               Guía habilitado 20-CL

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